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在App Store上,越来越多的菜谱风格界面等着你去下载,难道你不想在圣诞节的时候推出圣诞版菜谱吗?
在App Store上,越来越多的优化功能组合等着你去下载,难道你不想知道这个月什么美食最受欢迎吗?


1. 此版本下载后可立即使用,立即创建美食菜谱。
2. 该版本为永久免费版,不会因更新界面或功能收取任何费用。

3. 如果您在使用中遇到使用上的问题,请发邮件到,我们将提供给您软件使用手册。
4. 英文版的iDishes即将上架。
5. 后台管理帐号、密码:gly, gly

iDishes----Your own configurable menu, only belong to you!!

Do you still use the traditional menu? And struggling with the money you spent on menu refreshing every year, even every season, every month??!!

Come on, TRY this, TRY iDishes!

iDishes is the App that you can use to create the menu, follow the guidance, step by step to create your own menu. All the information about your dining hall, include: your Dishes, menu’s style, even table number, attendants’ information~~~~

We will upload a lot of skins to App Store, we believe you can’t wait to download your favorite skin, just imagine, you can have your Christmas Skin, you can have your Thanksgiving Day’s skin and so on~~~ Wow! That’s cool!

And a lot of attractive functions are waiting for you to download to make your menu perfect! Can’t you wait? Like from history, don’t you want to know what is the most popular dish in the particular dining hall?!

You can imagine that, in the romantic atmosphere, you have elegant music and beautiful decoration~~~ Your customers are all holding the iPad menu (iDishes) to skim through all your delicate food~~~ for them, it is so cool and so nice!!!

Hey, don’t wait! Come to join us, join BYCX and download this App on your iPad!!

1.You can really use this App once after you download to create your own menu.
2.This App will be free forever!
3.If you encounter any problem according to how to use this App, please send mail to, it is our honour to provide the user manual.
4.The English version will be available in App Store soon!
5. Management Console login account: gly; password: gly